HMDS Process
Seat : 3 chemin de Beaulieu, 86800 Sèvres-Anxaumont
Production site : 489 allée des Erables, 86130 Dissay
N°TVA : 91800543613

Equipment, Solutions and more


The strength of HMDS process is a team, with over 30 years’ experience in the oil & gas sectors which have acquired unique expertise in working on catalytic reactors and distillation columns equipment of major process licensors such as UOP, IFP, Shell, H.TOPSOE, EXXONMOBIL, Lurgi, UHDE etc. during their careers. It is an experience enriched by the diversification of products realized.

HMDS Process specializes in the design of catalytic reactor internals, distillation, absorption column internals and solid - liquid - gas separators. Our mechanical and hydraulic calculations of internals are thoroughly optimized by an experienced team for maximum efficiency.

We offer our customers the best solutions that meet the requirements necessary for the proper operation of their project.

Column Internals

Tray columns are used for making contact between a gas phase and a liquid phase so as to bring them as close as possible to the equilibrium state. For transfers of matter and heat between the phases it is all the more important that the contact surface and the turbulence of the phases are larger. Tray columns have been developed for the distillation, operation in which the resistance to the transfer material is larger in the vapor than in the liquid phase. The trays are designed to provide a dispersion of the vapor phase within the liquid. Tray columns are used with equal success in distillation and absorption.

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Seive trays

  • Cheap solution amongst conventional trays
  • Good efficiency, good capacity, easy to maintain
  • Medium flexibility (3:1)

Additional information : Usually 13mm diameter holes.

Valve trays

The valve trays have better performance and are slightly above the efficiency of the sieve trays. The valve trays are a flat perforated plate, with each perforation equipped with a mobile disc. Depending on the vapor flow rate, the valve stands vertically and the height of the valve is calculated according to the leg of the process needed.

Bubble cap tray

Intermediate solution between sieve and mobile valve trays / many designs exists.

Proprietary devices :

  • Suitable for fouling services
  • Higher capacity compared to sieve trays (10 - 15%)
  • Slightly higher efficiency and flexibility compared to Sieve Trays
  • Cost is comparable to valve trays

Additional information :

  • Available in different leg heights
  • Available in different hole diameter (mini-fixed valves 20 mm, fixed valves 40 mm)
  • Very high flexibility (10:1)
  • Different type proposed

Packed Columns

Structured packing

A bed of structured packing consists of a bed support upon which elements of structured packing are placed. A bed of structured packing typically has lower pressure drops than beds of random packing of comparable mass transfer efficiency.Structured packing elements are composed of grid or thin vertical crimped sheets (metal, plastic). The grid types of structured packing have very high capacities and very low efficiencies.

Crimped sheet types of structured packing typically have lower capacities and higher efficiencies. We offer a complete range of structured packing with the features below.

Benefits of structured packing :

  • Benefits of strucured packing
  • Higher performance
  • Low height Transfer Unit
  • Effective use of the available area
  • Low pressure drop
  • Good hold over time (no compaction)
  • Predictable and reproducible HETP
  • Assembling and dismantling of the lining in a single piece or in pieces, depending on the diameter of the column

Random packing

Liquid distributors

The distributor is a key element of the packed column and packing efficiency depends on good liquid distribution provided by the distributor. The packing performance is only possible with an optimum distributor design. HMDS operates a test facility for liquid distributors to measure performance and demonstrate the quality of the distributors supplied.The packing performance is only possible with an optimum distributor design. HMDS Process operates a test facility for liquid distributors to measure performance and demonstrate the quality of the distributors supplied by HMDS Process.

Ability :

Our facility can test liquid distributors up to 10 meters.The discharged liquid flow is measured at various points below the liquid distributor.

Liquid / solid / gas Separator


Inlet device

Defoaming system

Vane Mist Eliminators


Liquid jet ejectors

Gas jet electors

Steam jet ejectors

Static Mixer

Cyclone separators

Gas cyclones belong to the type of centrifugal separatord. A gas cyclone is a stationary mechanical device that uses centrifugal force to separate solid particles from a carrier gas.

The flow enters the upper part throught the tangential inlet, giving rise to an axially descending spiral of gas and a centrifugal force field which causes the particles to concentrate, and spiral down, along the inner walls of the cyclone separator.

The collected particles are allowed to exit out through an underflow. For each project we perform simulation which is the major step in the design of a cyclone to assess the performance in terms of process needs.

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