HMDS Process
Seat : 3 chemin de Beaulieu, 86800 Sèvres-Anxaumont
Production site : 489 allée des Erables, 86130 Dissay
N°TVA : 91800543613

Equipment, Solutions and more

Slotted Liner

Slotted liner is a filter for retaining the solid particles in very severe conditions thanks to its excellent mechanical properties. The slotted liner is a robust and cost-effective solution for long completions or low productivity wells. The slotted liner is manufactured with the fastest multi spindle slotting equipment in the world. The 40 ft-80 spindle milling machine produces slot in one pass over the entire length of the joint We can handle joints with length up to range 3 and diameter from 1.9” up to 9⅝ . We offer straight and keystone slot types in a wide range slotting patterns to create the required open area for each applications.

Base Pipe Screen

The Pipe Base Screen consists of a strainer fitted over a perforated tube. The outer screen is made of a V-shaped profile wire welded on the ribs to each intersection point. The slip on sand control system is commonly used in vertical or horizontal wells due to its high mechanical strength.

Direct wire wrap

Direct wire wrap screen is an extremely resistant manufacturing method consisting of the wire and support directly wound on the perforated tube. Leave the longitudinal ribs in intimate contact with the tube surface. In difficult horizontal wells, the friction of sand control systems installation damages the filtering surface. Direct wire wrap screen is best suited for use in extreme conditions thanks to the excellent mechanical properties.

Features :

  • Optical measurement of wire-wrapped gauge
  • Uniform gauge for reliable sand control Intimate contact between supports & pipe
  • Highest mechanical resistance
  • Superior installation loads
  • High open flow area based on screen gauge
  • Increased well bore longevity
  • Low entrance velocity with lower friction forces
  • Proven and advocated technology in horizontal applications

Prepacked Screen

Prepacked Screen is a filter consisting of two concentric strainers with their annular space filled with resin and the assembly is mounted on a perforated tube.

Features :

  • Customized design available according to client’s specs
  • Base pipe according to API5CT with optimized perforation open area
  • Dual layers of “V”-shape wedge wire filtration supports available in different grades (304L, 316L or other Corrosion Resistant Alloy)
  • Optimized screen stand-off on base pipe to ensure high drainage and uniform circulation of fluids
  • Wedge wire heavy duty construction with large number of rods to reach high tensile strength
  • Very high sand retention efficiency
  • Pre-pack available with free sand or resin coated gravel
  • Optimized gravel pack thickness
  • Optional Spiral Blade Stabilizer available on demand

Premium Screen

Premium Screen consists of high-strength filter media with a large open surface. The filter media is confined between the inner perforated tube and the outer perforated shroud to protect the filter surface

Features :

  • Customized design available
  • Filtration supports available in different grades (304L, 316L or other specific Alloys)
  • Specific wire wrap support and drainage base screen to ensure maximum flow velocity and protection of the sintered mesh
  • Continuous spiral welded perforated shroud 316L will provide high mechanical resistance and protection to the sintered mesh filter, with large open area (35% minimum)
  • Heavy duty construction for severe field conditions
  • Optional Spiral Blade Stabilizer available on demand

Flexible Coupling

The HMDS flexible coupling allows the installation of drilling equipment in a short radius without deformation of the tube and the open surface (slot) of the well screen. Dog legs are areas of wear in a well. The higher the dog legs is, the greater the wear is. The use of the HMDS flexible connector is an excellent solution for successful development, even with severe dog legs.

FED (Flow Equalizer Device)

HMDS Process has developed a Completion Fluid Equalizer Device that significantly improves the performance of oil drilliong. Production and completion characteristics, such as tubing size, sand control system length, equipment life, production optimization and sand control system installation, were carefully studied to refine FED design.

FED is a sand control screen that equalizes the flow along the well completion length due to the difference in the physical laws governing fluid in the reservoir and through the FED.

Drilling Wells Screen

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